Bruce Borland 6-hole Par 3

The Bruce Borland Par 3 Course is a 6 hole executive course. Woven throughout the Practice Park, the course offers every bit as much of the lush landscaping as the Nicklaus Course with the precision of the Dye Course. This walking course was recently renovated and features wooded areas, freshwater lagoons and native wildlife. The Borland Course rounds out the world-class golf options at Colleton River.

A Course For All

The Borland Par 3 is ideal for improving your chipping and putting game. For those who want a real game of golf but don’t have time for 18 holes, this course is perfect. Additionally, it’s an excellent course for introducing newcomers to the game. Children and grandchildren enjoy the pace and duration of this course. The Borland Par 3 is a perfect complement to Colleton River’s other exceptional courses.

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