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Colleton River is a private, Member-owned facility and is not open for public play. Sponsored guests of Members are welcome and are subject to Club guidelines for guest play.

When you own property at Colleton River, you are automatically a Member with full rights and privileges to all of the community's amenities and facilities.

There is a one-time, non-refundable Capital Contribution Fee of $90,000.

The fee structure is reviewed annually and consists of separate Operating and Replacement Reserve accounts.  The Replacement Reserve accrues to repair non-capital items such as roads and community grounds.  Capital items are handled thru the Capital account, which comes from the non-refundable Capital contribution normally paid at time of closing on a property in Colleton River. 

Colleton River is a Property Owners' Association. As such, the Club, its amenities, and the community are one entity with one class of Membership and one dues structure applicable to every Member.

In the last five years, Colleton River strengthened it's financial position by increasing its cash holdings, reducing receivables, payables, and debt, and increasing its fund balances. During that period, management, with approval from the Board of Directors, implemented program efficiencies and operational changes resulting in the production of surpluses of $764K before depreciation.

A separate fund with its own assessment is designed to address infrastructure replacements. Another fund was created to assign capital contributions (initiation fees) to be used specifically for amenity improvements. This "three-bucket" system promotes discipline in how we allocate funding our entire operation.

Colleton River is positioned and committed to continue achieving operating results in line with our financial objectives for the foreseeable future.

Yes, Colleton River Club is 100% owned by the Members.

No, there are no food and beverage minimums.

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