The History & Philosophy

A Peninsula of Historic Significance… And Beauty.

Known to the natives simply as the “land between two rivers” and as a place of abundant fishing and game, Colleton River was loved early for its natural resources. Spanish, French and British explorers, pirates and sailors passed through this area knowing it as “Devil’s Elbow Barony”. In the 1700s, several land-granted members of the Colleton family began to establish and develop the area under the name “Footpoint Plantation”. Some part of the Revolutionary War was waged here as was a great Civil War battle that took place in the Colleton River and Port Royal Sound.

Within and on the back Veranda of the Dye Clubhouse Members and visitors will find exhibits commemorating the rich history of Colleton River. A committee of committed Members was formed to collect and honor Colleton’s history. Scouring books, searching boxes of archeological artifacts, journeying to Columbia, Charleston and beyond, these Members pieced together the special story of the land we enjoy today.

Included in the exhibit at Colleton River are rare artifacts excavated from these grounds. Native American arrowheads and fish hooks, pottery and well-worn wooden and iron farming tools as well as two Revolutionary War cannonballs tell the story of the intriguing historical events and the resourceful people who have treasured this exceptional piece of the Lowcountry.

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Letting The Land & Its History Guide Our Future.

At the foundation of all that Colleton River Club represents is a desire to preserve and celebrate this area as a place of historical significance and natural beauty. This 1,500-acre peninsula with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, abundant fishing and myriad natural wonders and resources has long made it a natural paradise. Thanks to Colleton River Club’s founders, this paradise continues to thrive through a collective devotion to the preservation of nature then and now.

Members gain an understanding of Colleton’s significance through rich history exhibits dating the area from the time of the Native Americans through the Civil War and beyond. Members maintain a deep connection to the natural surroundings and the unparalleled access to the best of the Lowcountry waterways.

Colleton River Club is a low density community designed by intent for preservation. Here, Members have access to all the excitement, cultural and culinary amenities that a world-class waterfront community can offer, yet the sense of community, security and serenity that only a private enclave can offer. Two championship golf courses and a broad scope of best in class amenities weave through and blend with the natural landscape. At Colleton River, we use our amazing natural amenities and significant history to continue to learn and grow as a community and as individuals. Letting our storied past guide our future is at the heart of everything we do.


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