Welcome to the Lowcountry

Once a region known for its agricultural abundance, the Lowcountry is now world-famous for its natural beauty, historic communities and cities, and unique cultural heritage, attracting millions of visitors and thousands of new residents every year. Located along South Carolina's coast, it features thousands of acres of federally protected lands and wetlands, salt marshes, creeks and lagoons, and wooded forests filled with live oaks, towering sea pines, palmettos and magnolias.

With a balmy subtropical climate and year-round average temperature of 65F, the weather is ideal for those wanting to explore the outdoors and bask in the sun's rays.

Average low and high temperatures (Fahrenheit/Celsius):

MonthLow: F/CHigh: F/C
January 40/4 59/15
February 41/5 61/16
March 48/9 68/20
April 56/13 76/24
May 64/18 83/28
June 70/21 87/31
July 74/23 89/32
August 74/23 89/32
September 69/21 85/29
October 59/15 77/25
November 49/9 69/20
December 42/6 61/16