Men's Golf Group

With two world-class golf courses and a very active membership, there's never a problem finding a game at Colleton River. There are a number of men's golf groups of various skill levels who play all year long. Members of Colleton River Plantation Club simply just sign up and enjoy the company and gamesmanship of fellow members and guests.

Men's GroupsCaptainHandicapTeesDays Played
Friday Men's Day The Golf Shop Any Any Friday
Randy's Group Peter Ryan 8-25 White Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Jamison Group Robert Jamison 14 and above White Tuesday, and Thursday
Kish Group Karl Kish 16 and below Gold/White Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday
John Ryan Group John Ryan Any Gold/White Thursday
Hicks Scratch Group John Hicks No Handicaps Gold Friday & Saturday
Boyd Group Lee Irving 16 and below Any Varies