Club Fitting & TrackMan Services

With the revolutionary TrackMan* launch monitor used on the PGA, LPGA and Senior Tours, the experts at Colleton River Golf Academy can bring your club fitting to a never-before-experienced level. Even the great Nick Faldo recently completed a TrackMan combine test and remarked, "This is great! The TrackMan combine clearly identifies a player's strength and weaknesses. It is great for a player to be able to find out their best lay-up yardage or see if there may be some gapping issues with their set. At the same time it is both challenging and fun and creates a unique practice experience."

Our certified TrackMan operators will walk you through some of its many uses, such as yardage mapping or distance control, wedge, iron or driver fitting, and the most challenging skills test and combine. Find out what the pros are doing, and apply the technology to your own game!

TrackMan Experience is $150 per hour (three-hour maximum)

*TrackMan™ is revolutionary technology that gives golfers comprehensive feedback and data for every club in the bag: exact carry and roll yardages, trajectory, spin rates, clubface position, swing shape and dispersion patterns.

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